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Welcome to Wet Land Farm on the Web.

We are a small farm of 25 acres, trying to grow our self sustainability in bits and pieces at a time. In doing so, we also promote sustainability, and our local markets by competitively selling what we can produce on our farm. On these pages you can learn more Wet Land Farm, our poultry, and what we are doing expand sustainability on our farm.

We are firm believers in knowing where our food sources come from, and want to help support our community by selling our quality farm poultry at reasonable but profitable prices. This website is to help you understand what we do, why, and how ... without physically visiting our farm property.

We are selling our poultry now, as we had quit selling for about five years, due to different personal issues we had facing us. We have always raised poultry on our farm since our purchase of the property here in Pierson Florida in 2003. We are becoming old hands in hatching our birds here in our small hatchery on our farm, and have a really good success rate in hatching.

We don't want to hide anything from you, so if you have questions, or are curious about something you don't know about, send us an email or give us a call. We will try to answer questions, or advise you based upon what we know, and past experience.  All advice is given freely, but also understand we are not God, and all knowing. Any advice taken must be considered to be usable with your own liability.

We like our privacy and bio security here at our farm. This is one reason why we like to sell at the Barberville Family Farm Swap and Market. Occasionally we do invite visitors to visit Wet Land Farm at pre-assigned times (by appointment). We like selling healthy stock, and are sure you want only the best from us, should you make a purchase from us. This is a big reason for being careful with visitors and our live stock.

Please know up front we will be upset and threatened if you show up knocking on our doors without a direct invitation. Our neighbors are also curious folks, they like their privacy, and may stop you and question you why you are out here should you decide to venture this way. They have the right to stop you, as the road is common property of all the owners in our rural community development. It qualifies as a development because we have a property owners association, deed restrictions, and the minimal parcel you can purchase is 25 acres. It benefits all owners to know what is going on for their own piece of mind and security. So don't threaten them it they stop you and ask where you are going, they are just being neighborly.

Wet Land Farm.



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